De.Ar Architects studio was founded in 1989 in Athens by Christina Grympogianni & Yiannis Avlonitis. Since 1989, the firm has been engaged in the design of a wide range of projects in the private sector including- residential, offices, commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, medical centers, interiors, landscape design among others.

The projects include new buildings, renovations and additions to existing structures, restoration of historic buildings, interior and landscape design.

The studio provides the entire range of design and construction supervision services and uses the latest design and data technologies. We stay current and update our technology on a regular basis.

Our firm is comprised of design groups organized around specific projects and focused on the specialized needs and requirements of each project. We collaborate with experienced engineers, in this way providing all the services necessary to complete the projects assigned to us.

The studio's work, known for its customized approach and well earned reputation for a sensitivity to culture, micro environment, the specific conditions of the site, and the specific needs of the client. We pay equal attention to the design of a large complex as we do to the detail of a door handle. The buildings are tailor-made, furnished with custom-made details.

Our work is based on the belief that a quality environment – friendly, with care to every detail and aesthetically pleasing to live in, - enhances life itself.

Responsible and sustainable design and cost & energy efficiency are amongst our priority objectives.

A wide range of completed projects have been published in reputable magazines.

Christina Grympogianni
Architect  |  Co-founder

Christina Grympogianni graduated from NTUA in 1983. She worked for two years in private practices and in 1985, having been awarded with a scholarship from Onassis Foundation, she left for the United States, where she obtained a Master of Science degree from MIT, Cambridge. In 1987, she started her own practice and in 1989 she and Yiannis Avlonitis founded De-Ar Architects studio.
Yiannis Avlonitis
Architect  |  Co-founder

Yiannis Avlonitis studied architecture in Greece, United States and Italy from 1977-1985 where he obtained a Master of science degree. After graduation, he worked in the architectural studio of Alexandros Zanos and Panagiotis Touliatos who where both professors of NTUA. In 1989, along with Christina Grympogianni founded De-Ar Architects studio.
Dimitra Georgadopoulou
Architect engineer NTUA
Michalis Chatzistefanou
Interior Architect
Evita Lazou
Architect Engineer AUTH
Panagiotis Raptis
Architect Engineer NTUA
Vanessa Kolokytha
Architect Engineer DUTH
Panagiota Tsakona
Architect Engineer University of Patras
Silia Stamatopoulou
Architect Engineer TUC